How it Works / Tag Verification

1. Verification

The first step is to read an NFC tag. There are plenty of NFC tag reader apps available, however, to be able to verify a tag you will need an app that implements the NFC Forum Signature RTD 2.0. The BlackSeal app provides this ability. It contains a verification section that will read and verify any NFC tag. The app will display the verification status, the tag contents, and who the author is.

2. Additional Verification

The BlackSeal app also contains an additional check to make sure the tag contents were not just copied from one tag to another, provided the original tag was written using the BlackSeal app. We do this by reading attributes of the NFC tag hardware and including that information when writing a tag. If the tag passes verification, but the tag hardware attributes do not match up then the tag has been copied. Our analytics will identify these kinds of anomalies — same signed object on multiple tags, in multiple geographies, etc. The user can decide to delete those tags or simply monitor them as suspicious.

Review Tag Creation

Learn how they are created.