Brand Protection & Authenticity

The Strongest Anti-Counterfeit Protection Available


Uses state of the art cryptography to sign every NFC tag. The NFC Forum Signature RTD is the only open interoperable security standard for NFC tags.


We incorporate attributes of the NFC tag hardware into each signed NDEF message to protect against NFC tag cloning.


Our analytics and tracking systems can be used to identify organized attacks and neutralize cloning attempts.

Trust In The Supply Chain To The Consumer

Authentication available at every stage with an NFC reader or smartphone.

Protect against intermediaries introducing counterfeits into the supply chain.

Enable auditors and investigators, customs officials and consumers to check validity with a smartphone.

Marketing & User Engagement

URL Shortening

URL redirection service for NFC URI records and smart posters. Provides customers an additional level of trust that the website they are about to visit is valid.

Increased Usability

NFC tag target landing pages can be changed dynamically for pre and post sales activity and promotions. They can even be used to offer additional product features.

Campaign Analytics

Analytics integration allows you to gain insights into how your physical products are being used over time.

BlackSeal Overview

Watch the BlackSeal Overview video to get a better understanding of what BlackSeal is and how it works.

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