Can I use this website for free?
Yes. You can use the web site for free. However, we limit the number of NFC tags you can manage to 10 during our beta period. There are no other limits on use. However, you will need to get some NFC tags (see below).
What if I want to manage more tags?
Please contact us at contact@trustpointinnovation.com.
Will my BlackSeal Secure NFC tags expire?
No. BlackSeal Secure NFC tags you create as a subscriber are permanent and will continue to function indefinitely unless you delete those tags. If we discover malicious use we will notify you and will delete those tags after a pre-defined timeframe.
Do I have to buy NFC tags from TrustPoint?
No. You can buy NFC tags from TrustPoint but we encourage clients to buy their own and program tags yourself using our Android app or API. Please contact us at contact@trustpointinnovation.com if you wish to buy NFC tags from TrustPoint.
What type of NFC tag do I need?
This service is intended for passive NFC tags. These are low cost NFC tags that are powered by the NFC reader (for example, a smartphone).

The only requirement for the NFC tag is that it has enough memory to hold a short URL and a signature record. You don’t need any special type of NFC tag with other security features. NFC tags should be at least 500 bytes. NFC tags can be purchased from many suppliers in many different form factors. We encourage our clients to experiment and let us know what works well. We will soon publish a list of NFC tags that work well from our experiments.

Two tags we recommend are the NTAG216 888 byte and Topaz 512 byte.
How do you program NFC tags?
In low volumes you can use the BlackSeal Android app. Simply create a tag as a registered user and you will be able to write a BlackSeal Secure NFC tag. In high volumes TrustPoint can program NFC tags, or you can use our API to program them yourself.
Do I need any special NFC app to read and write BlackSeal Secure NFC tags?
No. You can use the BlackSeal Android app to read and write NFC tags. Alternatively you can use our API to write NFC tags. Any NFC reader will be able to read the contents of BlackSeal Secure NFC tags, but the NFC reader must implement the NFC Forum Signature RTD 2.0 to verify the Secure NFC tag content.
How do I write protect the BlackSeal Secure NFC Tag?
NFC tags are read/writable but they can be write-protected during NFC tag programming. The BlackSeal Android app has this feature.
What type of security does BlackSeal use for Secure NFC tags?
TrustPoint implements the NFC Forum Signature RTD 2.0 specification and is compliant with the NFC Forum Signature RTD 2.0 Certificate Policy. This is the only open security specification for NFC tags that has been tested in interoperability with other vendors. Please see the NFC-Forum for details.
How does BlackSeal use certificates?
Certificates are used to create Secure NFC Tags per the NFC Forum Signature RTD 2.0. They form a chain of trust, allowing verification to occur. A Certificate Common Name (for example, your name, product, service, company, etc.) is embedded inside each Certificate, and is displayed to users during verification. BlackSeal defines two certificate types, one for the user/organization and one for each campaign.
What does the Secure NFC tag protect against?
  1. Tampering of the message. Secure NFC readers can cryptographically verify the message and identify the author of the message.
  2. Copying the tag. We add information about the NFC tag hardware in the signature to protect against NFC tag cloning.
  3. Manufacturing Attacks. Attempts to mass copy BlackSeal Secure NFC tag hardware would appear up in our analytics. The NFC tag owner could then pause or delete those tags immediately.
Who is the intended audience for Secure NFC tags?
Secure NFC tags are intended for those authors who want to maintain NFC tag authenticity and want to gain insight into user engagement over the life of the NFC tag. They can be deployed anywhere.
What sort of Analytics do you provide?
Subscribers will see information about users that click on tags including number of taps, date and time, web browser, operating system and geography. More can be included based on client feedback. Clients can also use Google Analytics using unique landing pages, appending URL parameters and Google Analytics Campaign Tracking. Our clients would typically create URLs using Google URL builder to be able to track activity in Google Analytics.
What control do I have over my BlackSeal Secure NFC tags?
Clients may at anytime edit the long URL, pause a campaign, or delete the Secure NFC tag (users will see a 404 error).
What is the difference between a User and an Organization in BlackSeal?
Any individual user can register for the BlackSeal service, create campaigns, write NFC tags and manage them over the lifetime of the tag. Organizations allow multiple people to collaborate on campaigns. Once you create an organization you can add users (provided they are already registered). When you create a new campaign you can create it under your own personal account or under one of the organizations you created or belong to.
How do I contact support?
For the Beta we will provide free support by emailing contact@trustpointinnovation.com.
Do you have a Privacy Policy?
Yes, read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.