PUT /api/v1/user

User your Account Information

Accepts a request with new account attributes, updates the authenticated user's account, and returns the complete profile data as an object.

Request Parameters

Name Description
first_name The new First Name (Given Name) to be used.
last_name The new Last Name (Proper Name) to be used.
email The new email address to be associated with this account.

Response Parameters

Name Description
username The programmatic username, usable as the 'owner' attribute for other API requests.
first_name The Given Name of the authenticated User.
last_name The Proper Name of the authenticated User.
email The Email Address of the authenticated User.
last_login The Last time the authenticated User logged in.
date_joined The Date the authenticated User joined.


Sample Request

    "first_name": "Thomas"

Sample Response

    "username": "tdent",
    "first_name": "Thomas",
    "last_name": "Dent",