API Documentation

The BlackSeal API can be used to automate the creation of Signed NFC Tags. This is an efficient way to integrate BlackSeal with your manufacturing processes. To discuss further integration please contact us.

Error and Status Codes

All API Endpoints have the same set of HTTP Response Codes and JSON payload format.
They are documented once here.


GET /api/v1/root
Retrieve the BlackSeal root certificate


POST /api/v1/auth
Login and Create an active Session
DELETE /api/v1/auth
Logout and Terminate the active Session


GET /api/v1/users/:user
Get details of a particular User Account
PUT /api/v1/user
Update your Account


POST /api/v1/organizations
Create an Organization
GET /api/v1/organizations
Get a list of organizations
GET /api/v1/organizations/:organization
Get details of a particular organization
PUT /api/v1/organizations/:organization
Update an Organization
DELETE /api/v1/organizations/:organization
Delete an Organization


POST /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns
Create a Campaign
GET /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns
Get a list of campaigns for owner
GET /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign
Get details of a particular campaign
PUT /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign
Update a particular campaign
DELETE /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign
Delete a Campaign


POST /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/urls
Create a URL
GET /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/urls
Get a list of URL for a particular Campaign
GET /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/urls/:url
Get details of a particular URL
PUT /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/urls/:url
Update a particular URL
DELETE /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/urls/:url
Delete a URL


POST /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/urls/:url/tags
Create a Signed Tag for this URL

NDEF Messages

POST /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/messages
Sign the given NDEF message
GET /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/messages
Returns a list of NDEF messages created for a campaign.
GET /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/messages/:message_id
Returns details of a NDEF message.
PUT /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/messages/:message_id
Update a NDEF message.
DELETE /api/v1/owner/:owner/campaigns/:campaign/messages/:message_id
Delete a NDEF message.