Petition to Support NFC on iPhone

Apr 7th 2016 Tony Rosati

NFC is a great technology. It allows us to easily access and share information. Its functionality is perfect for our smartphone-connected world. At TrustPoint, we use it to help brands fight counterfeiting and allow consumers to know they're buying authentic products.

NFC has the potential to provide smartphone users with all the information they need with a simple tap. There is one significant barrier — a lack of functionality on Apple iPhones. While NFC is available on the iPhone and is used for Apple Pay, it is not available for any other use.

We want to see Apple make this safe and secure technology available for all its users. We're supporting a petition to get Apple's attention.

Help us encourage Apple to join the NFC movement. Take a moment to sign the petition today!

Tony Rosati

About Tony Rosati

Tony leads TrustPoint's NFC business initiatives. He is currently chair of the NFC Forum Security Working Group. Prior to TrustPoint, Tony was the co-founder of TimeStep Corp and subsequently held senior positions at Certicom and Blackberry focused on security & wireless communications.

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